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Did you know that between 42 - 86% of the traffic to any website comes from the major search engines and directories?

Search Engine Optimization
is the art and science and magic of getting your website into the major search engines and directories, so potential clients or customers can find you.

The world of search engines is changing rapidly, but currently Google is the big game in town, although Bing is gaining. Some others require payment just to list you. With some, you can "bid" on your position within a category. Fortunately there are some that are still free. Google, for example will accept "sponsored" (paid) links at the top and side of a results page, but it also still accepts and indexes sites for free. If you can afford it, sponsored or paid links may be beneficial, but it may well be too expensive for most to consider. 

We will review your site's design to make sure it gets indexed by the top search engines and directories. The most important factor in search engine placement is good, clean website design and maintenance, with good keyword placement. This includes linking with other relevant websites and integrating hidden "meta" files into the coding of your website, files which provide information about your business to certain search engines. (We assiduously avoid various "tricks" to get a site into the search engines. These almost always backfire and can cause a site to be deleted from a search engine entirely.) 

However, just getting a website in the search engines is NOT enough. For more information, visit our Marketing page.


Surprisingly, simpler websites, rather than razzle-dazzle ones are going to be the face of the future. WHY? Because of the growth of wireless communications. The smaller browsers associated with the IPhone, Blackberry, Droids, PDA's, other cell phones and wireless communication devices are going to be written in cleaner XML code. So we work to keep our sites relatively simple TODAY; we can even make your site XML compliant.

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