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How much money will a website cost?
Many businesses and organizations are hesitant to consider keeping their websites properly updated, because they are unsure of the costs they might incur. In fact, most businesses are surprised to find out how inexpensive a website can be, especially considering the amount of exposure involved. The exact price will depend on the size and complexity of the site and how many current problems must be fixed. let's look at some of the factors involved:

Websites can reduce your print advertising costs, while reaching a much larger audience. If you take a smaller print ad, but point the ad to your website, the print ad can be not only much smaller, but more effective. This is because, unlike print advertising, nothing is in concrete - your website can be changed in moments to reflect current conditions.

The costs you can expect to incur in getting a website, include the following:

Website Maintenance - depending on the complexity of the site and how much work is needed. BeachSite Designs charges a flat $50/hour for actual computer time spent on design or maintenance.

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Web Tip - Cost of Websites

We read an article a while back which stated that the average cost of a website is $50,000 per year!

Well, let us reassure you, you don't have to spend that kind of money to keep your site properly maintained. We have a couple sites that are kept up-to-date with an average cost of less than $20 per month.

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