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Web Tip - DIY - Maintain your own website


Periodic updating of your website is critical for two reasons:

  • Your company's information becomes quickly outdated, especially if you are offering products or services for sale.
  • Changes are what keep a site dynamic and get  people to come to your site again and again - and repeat business is good business!

We recommend reasonably frequent changes in your site to keep the page "fresh" and up-to-date to encourage return visits.  

We have designed sites so that maintenance can be turned over to the owner or a member of his/her staff. This is a very cost effective approach for the do-it-yourselfer who hasn't quite the confidence to get their site working and up-to-date at first, but is willing to take on the routine work, once the site is completed. We may still be able to teach you how to update your own site.

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Quick updates to your existing website!

Not satisfied with your current maintenance services?

Why wait weeks or even months for changes to your existing website? 

We make every effort to make minor updates to our clients' websites within two working days and to make more extensive changes within two working weeks.

If you already have a website, but do not have adequate maintenance services, we will be happy to discuss maintenance of your site on an hourly fee basis.

We've taken over maintenance of several sites, much to the appreciation of those clients. See the Clients pages for details.

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