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Website Hosting

Let's say that you have a website you like, now what? If you are happy with your webhost, then read no further. But if you are less than happy, read on.

Virtual Domains Recommended
Obviously, we highly recommend you secure a "virtual domain" name, i.e., www.yourcompanyname.com (or .org or .net if applicable). Most serious businesses proclaim their presence on the Internet by having a domain name that reflects either the name or the nature of their business. Prices for registration fees are dropping rapidly as new companies get involved in the "nic" business and having your own domain is well worth the small investment, if you want people to take your site seriously. We will check the availability of the domain name(s) you would like to have and help you obtain the necessary registration with an appropriate domain registration company. Or we can obtain the domain name for you and simply pass on those costs to you when we bill you.

Website Hosting
Next, you will need a place to "put" your site somewhere on the Internet. For larger sites, we can recommend a couple of companies we have found reliable and reasonable in cost and walk you through the setup process. Or you may wish to set up an account with your own ISP or other hosting company. However, we do encourage you to compare prices and services, since they can vary widely.

We can also host smaller sites on our own server at a very reasonable cost. Our hosting will support your domain name, and most types of scripts and forms. Email us for a  hosting quote.

In any case, we will work closely with you to find the most cost-effective and reliable solution for your site.


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About That
"Free" Web Hosting

Those websites you see advertised as "free" generally aren't free at all. They offer you a limited amount of space on the Internet, and then insert a load of advertising on YOUR site, including those annoying "pop-up" ads that pull people away from your site. Or they simply charge very high fees for domain registration and pretend they are giving you "free" hosting.

As with most things, you ultimately get what you pay for.


However, like most everything else to do with the Internet, website hosting costs have come down dramatically. Look for a company that's been in business for a while, with a good track record. But compare price for service.



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