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This site is dedicated to everyone who loves to travel. I hope you will indulge me and join me on a few of my journeys....

Don't we all have dreams of traveling the world someday? These days, we all travel the world one way or another every day--watching the evening news, surfing the Net, or just getting in the car, the plane, the train, the bus and GOING.

I haven't traveled all I that I would like to, but I've been lucky so far and have immensely enjoyed the traveling I've done. Just as having friends on the Internet makes us aware of being part of a global community, traveling in person does the same, only more so. Once we have traveled to a place, it can no longer be a "foreign land"; it becomes a part of our souls.

Join me now on a few of my journeys over the years. I hope it will inspire you to get away from your computers (just for a little while?) and experience the world....




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