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Caribbean Cruise

Actually it was a Caribbean Cruise with a bit of South America thrown in. The cruise was aboard the Cunard Countess and the itinerary included:

  • Departure: San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • to Caracas, Venezuela

  • to Soufrie, St. Lucia

  • to Bridgetown, Barbados

  • to Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, American Virgin Islands

  • and back to San Juan

Caracas, Venezuela

Coming into Caracas

National Shrine

Government Center

On Liberation Boulevard

Liberation Plaza


Soufrie, St. Lucia

Soufrie, at the foot of the volcano


Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas


Alley Garden


The Island of Barbados

St. John's Parish

Sunset Sky

Andromeda Gardens

Andromeda Gardens

Butterfly Orchid, Villa Nova

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