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Gypsy on Tour of mystery....

As I planned for a trip to China, I found that, as a Westerner, I was woefully ignorant of China. My education had all but ignored this incredible land and culture. My only knowledge of China was when it had bumped into Western civilization, usually NOT of its own accord.

How can this be? China is the one of the oldest civilizations on earth--and certainly one of the most "civilized" in terms of its art, architecture, cuisine, horticulture, etc. And yet my education had virtually ignored it, rarely venturing any farther East than the Ottoman empire.

So it was with great excitement and facination, that I undertook a fabulous journey to this land of mystery...

And the trip, itself?? Beyond my wildest expectations. The people were incredible and beautiful, as was the land itself. Yes, China is still a "developing nation" by some standards, but it also surpasses all Western culture in its ancient wisdom...

Zhonghua (Chung-hua), the Chinese name for China, means "central land," a reference the the ancient Chinese belief that their country was the geographical center of the earth, and the only true civilization.

Today, China is the third largest country in terms of land mass and largest in terms of population. One-fifth of the entire Earth's population is Chinese. Doesn't it make sense then, that we take some time to learn more about China????

Here are only a few links about China--I encourage you to explore on your own...

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