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Two of my favorite places for sailing are in Central America:  Belize and Honduras.  Both are located on the Reef of Honduras, the second longest barrier reef in the world.  This location, along with steady trade winds, makes for not only good sailing, but also great scuba diving. And nearby Mayan ruins make for great land-based trips too....

Belize is a small, but extraordinarily beautiful country just south of Mexico on the Caribbean Sea.  Formerly known as British Honduras, it is one of  the few under-populated countries in Central America.  The area was  once a part of  the Mayan empire and spectacular Mayan ruins, many still unexcavated, are frequent.  Belize is well known to sailors, divers and naturalists alike for it's incredible natural resources, still largely unspoiled.  English is the official language.

Honduras is a much larger and more populated country, southeast of Guatemala and also bordering the Caribbean Sea.  It is famous among sailors and divers alike for its jewel-like ocean waters and incredible coral reefs. Honduras was once a major center for the Maya population.  Spanish is the official language.

How about Diving?

The diving on the Reef of Honduras is some of the best in the world. There will be some underwater photographs I shot on the B&H Photo Page, but trust me, they do no real justice to the spectacular diving in either Belize or Honduras.


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Mayan civilization has long intrigued archeologists and travelers alike. In Belize there are fantastic ruins in several places throughout the county--most of which are still being excavated....

For more information on Belize and Honduras, visit their respective Websites and my B&H Photo Page

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